Your Feelings Are The Fuel of Your Life


Believe it or not, your words, thoughts and actions have no power at all in your life without the existence of your feelings. You might prefer to ignore your feelings as you cannot feel its power within you. Imagine your life as a vehicle that needs fuel to move and yes – your feelings are the fuel!

Your feeling is the one that drives your perception and the way you react. If you think that you can complete a particular job perfectly, it will create a positive feeling towards you work and the people involved in the job. The outcome is you have the potential to do your job better.

Like the burning fuel, your feelings can be either positive or negative means that they can drive you to a positive or negative attitudes and perceptions. The better you feel, the better your life gets and vice versa.

When you feel good or at least try to feel good, your thoughts and actions will be guided to be good too. It is an exact reflection of what you are giving out in any moment. Simply direct your feelings in a good and positively flow, and it will be a powerful fuel that can move you toward success in your life!

Your Feelings Are The Fuel of Your Life

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