White is Cool!

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Sincerely I never concern about furniture in my home before this. But since I watched a home decoration program through Youtube last night, I feel that furniture is something important to be put it mind too.

After searching through the Internet, I found that there is a lot of choices of furniture but I love this one – the white furniture.

I think white furniture is cool because it looks unique and stylish. The bright color gives a unique sensation to any area and results in a wider look in our room or house.

I prefer white wood furniture because normally wood products are guaranteed in quality and gives sense in term of touch and smell. I love the natural sense for my room so I could enjoy the calming environment while doing my works or taking a nap.

Wow. I guess it will takes longer discussion for this topic. I even found a thread with almost 2000+ replies discussing about home decoration. Yeah I guess home decoration is something abstract to be discussed so we could see different people have different perspectives and thoughts of decorating their homes and the furniture they choose.

How about you? Do you have your own perspective of decorating your home or in smaller extent, your room? 🙂

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