When A Blogger Blogging


As you can see, I’d changed my blog’s theme.

Well, I can’t afford to modify the old one. Some of my friends and the readers find it too long for loading. Maybe because of the ads :question:

Blogging and bloghopping become my routine nowadays. As long as I can connect to Internet, of course 😀

Some people say blogging is useless. Some people say blogging is a great hobby. Some people say blogging is a part of our life. And the fact is, some people don’t even know – what a blog is 🙄

My Blogging History

I started blogging in 2005 when I was in Form 5. It was my friend, Husz who told me about this thing. We used Blogdrive at that time and we’re sooo crazy in blogging! Then it became a trend and like a ‘must’ to people in the school. A guy is considered primitive without a blog! ahaha 😀 ..and then there’s a special session for students to introduce the blog and show to them how to blog. gosh. I lost the pictures.

I never know about Blogspot until I went to IIUM PJ. At that time, I found a lot of students have their own blogspot. In the name of hunger of exploring new things, I tried to use Blogspot. yeah. I know a lot of things including the HTML and widgets. bla, bla, bla.. (shorten the story) ..i found that blogging is dull without readers. so I started to bloghop and found a lot of interesting blog, including Aeropama. At that time he was using Blogspot. And from him, I found the other amazing friends over the net 🙂

When Syam (Aeropama.com’s author) changed to self-hosted blog, I was interested to do so. I choose AloneinHome as my domain – it’s based on myself.. and this is the place where I express my thoughts until today 😎

Blogging People

Some people blog for themselves and even make their blogs private and some people blogging to express their thoughts. I love to put myself in the discussion when there’s an interesting topic.

And yeah, I admit I love to drop comments and exchange links so I can meet new friends and know about new things.

Blogging & Influences

Some people are very good in writing posts and that’s how they get they influences. Influence means power. And some blogs even have their loyal readers and followers. I guess you know how influential the Tun Mahathir and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim‘s blog. People like to read political posts nowadays. And that’s why we can find a lot of political blog until this sec. But I feel very sorry to find that there’s a lot of nasty comments by the visitors :down: At least, give your opinion with a good manner and responsible way.

Earning Cash From Blogging

There are people who blogging for money :money: Well, there’s a lot of opportunites out there. You can earn amazing income just by posting articles in your blog. And from there, we can see the existence of tag and ping techniques, pagerank, traffic and etc. Yeah. Not bad. I myself had earned some cash by blogging 😀

Backlinks, Adsense, Adbrite, Nuffnang.. etc2 (there’s a lot of them!) are some of the platforms that a blogger might join to earn cash.

I’m very impress with this guy, Rohaizad, who has a nice skill in earning cash online. You can visit him to know more 😛

Blogging platform such as WordPress and Blogspot is flexible and easy to be maintained, maybe that’s the main reason most people and webmasters prefer to use weblog to offer their products and services.


Some people still laughing at me because I’m blogging. Wahah. It’s funny 😛

Some of my friends had already started blogging.

As for myself, I’m happy to do posts, bloghopping, meet new friends, and discuss a variety of interesting things over the net.

World becomes smaller and smaller 🙂

When a blogger blogging.. He/She is a step forward to know him/herself and the world. Believe me 😉

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