“What’s your dream car?”



Annual festival celebration normally brings big family together so this is the time that gives me chance to meet my cousins. We had been scattered into various places so this is the time to share and discuss various info and stories.

One of the interesting topics is about our dream cars.

My dream car?

Well, we talked a lot of cars and vehicles. Some of us got impressed with the MPVs such as Exora and Grand Livinia. Some of us even getting absurd of dreaming to drive Ferrari. Well, it’s everybody’s right to dream. Above all that, I’m still dreaming of driving my dream car- Honda Civic 2009.

Why Honda Civic 2009?

I dream of Honda Civic 2009 because it is so cool! Honda brand, impressive design and sporty looking is more than enough for me to get impressed with this car. Besides, I believe that this car is affordable for me in the future. The specs makes me say “Wow, I really have to get this car!”. About the car accessories, I guess I will have various choices to upgrade it when I manage to have this car. I’m currently saving a portion of money every month in order to achieve my dream. I’ll get this car, hopefully.

Whatever it is, I say yes to Honda Civic 2009!

How about you? Do you have your dream car? And what is your strategy to get it? Feel free to share through your comment below!

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