What I Always Do After Watching Movies


(Back on track, I hope so.)

Yes, watching movies is one of my interests and sometimes, passion (and even addiction!). Whether you realize it or not, there are a lot of things especially lessons that we can understand and consume while watching movies. Of course there are both positive and negative effects from movies but my point is there is always an interesting elements that you could realize while watching movies.

I would like to share with all of you – what I always do after watching movies.

The first thing to do is (absolutely) watching the movie. I personally recommend you to ignore any ‘spoiler’ from your friends or relatives about the movie that you gonna watch or you lose one of the interesting elements while watching movie. The only thing that I suggest is watching the trailer of the movie (you can look for them at Youtube) so you can choose which movie that you feel interested to watch.

[watching movie] – again, no ‘spoiler’ while watching!

After watching any movie, the first thing that I always do is.. checking for information, trivia and goofs about the movie! Yeah, I love this part very much because it always reveal the ‘hidden part’ of the movie such as the real building used in the film, interesting information about the involved actors/actresses and any mistake done during the filming of the movie. At this point, you will realize that there are more things to know about the movie and start to check it back and then watch the revealed ‘hidden part’ in the movie.

Gosh. You can call me insane but I love this!

You can check the trivia, goofs and other information about any movie at The Internet Movie Database (IMDb). You can read them yourself there =)

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