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Life is wonderful. And we need ingredients to taste it. My new phase of life comes with Nuha – my first daughter.

19th December 2012:

Anne’s call while I was enjoying my regular lunch (Nasi Arab) with INSPEN CEA’s mates was a moment that eventually changed our life.

“I went to checkup today. The doctor gave us two options – it must be today or tomorrow”

It was a shock as the predicted due date is on 1st January 2013. Not too early but we still got some plans to do but I always believe that the ultimate plan in His hand. I felt numb for about 20 minutes as I got last paper for CEA on the next day (Building Technology & Maintenance).

At last – I’ve decided to make the journey: to experience something extremely valuable in my life.

Bangi – MARDI (taking ingredients for Tapai Segar) – Shah Alam – Klang – Butterworth

Getting bus from Klang to Butterworth was not a big challenge. The challenge is waiting for the bus to arrive in Butterworth. Arrived at Butterworh bus station and Abg Faiz was already there with his new CRV.

Arrived at home – I hugged my wife as tomorrow is a big moment. It’s time to give her the inner strength – that’s all the thing that I can do. Got some rest for tomorrow’s moment.


20th December 2012

9.35AM: We (me, Anne, Ibu, Masi) arrived at Amanjaya Specialist Centre, Sungai Petani. Mama, Abah & Tok Som were there earlier. Registration, and a few minutes later a nurse brought Anne on a wheelchair to the Operating Theater.

A few minutes later, a nurse called me to go inside the OT.

“May I see the operation?”
“Yes you can – if you can stand to it”

And I see how Cesarean operation done – live – for the first time in my life. A few minutes later – my first daughter has been brought out to the world.

Alhamdulillah! I took some time to watch her closely and read Iqamah slowly.

The second thing is to remove the part of endometriosis. It quite hard – and this operation is very useful, as the doctor told me.

About 30-45 minutes later, the operation was done. Cesarean + Removal of endometriosis. Thanks God it went well. As far as I know, Masi happily cried at the moment she saw the baby =)

Accompanied her for about 3 hours in ward and it’s time for me to be back in Shah Alam. Tomorrow is the last paper for CEA INSPEN exam!

The next challenge – all bus tickets have been sold out and I need to be back in Shah Alam as soon as possible.. well, no choice – Firefly! Departed from Penang Airport at 10.30PM and arrived at Subang Airport at 11.15PM. Abg Mael & Along came to bring my car. Arrived at my home at midnight to revise the notes.

The next Saturday (as I can’t stand anymore)  – back to Kedah with Along & kids.. named her Nuha which means ‘Intelligence’. Hope her name brings her success in this world and afterlife.

I feel grateful to have such understanding families on both sides. Alhamdulillah!

Dear my daughter Nuha – I will love you, raise you, educate you and show you the path of life. This is my promise.

Note: My wife endured Ovarian Cysts & Endometriosis (Read more here) for several years and that was her 3rd operation. I learned there are two ultimate natural cures: Pregnancy & Breastfeeding. Anne got her own site on ovarian cysts relief – you can visit her site at OvarianCystsRelief.com

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