Walking Towards The Edge

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I don’t know how many times I lay my hand on the keyboard just to write this first paragraph and thanks God – I’m doing it. It’s like getting and losing at the same time from nowhere. This is very critical – as I’m currently walking towards the edge.

Time and tasks – these two things keep haunting our daily lives. I believe most of us agree that we love to live in the comfort zone but this is not how things should be. We have to do what we have to do as time and tide wait for no man. I got the time. I know the tasks that I have to do but the progress is not there. I can feel that I almost not doing anything.

Laziness is delicious but it slowly harming you from within. Then you’ll fell the pain as clock ticking towards, leaving you behind in deep regret and suffer. Laziness is the master, procrastination is his sword. You might unconsciously injured while realizing the moment you have been half stabbed.

Rather than finishing the tasks and reading the notes, I kept doing other things.

I got opportunity.

I got time.

The question is – why?

The weird thing is I have the ability to complete the tasks however my action shows otherwise. It feels like I’m running from these things which supposed to be done at the moment I re-caught my own breath. Weird. Totally weird.

This should not be a war – but now it is. The light at the end of the tunnel can be barely seen. Clock is ticking and I’m clearly walking towards the edge.

It’s time to act!


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