Votes & Promises

bn wins at hulu selangor
Congratulations. The next thing is to serve.

I followed the recent Hulu Selangor by-election updates through the Internet – as someone who eager to know new updates and interesting moments out there.

And yes, as had been expected and as usual, election always shows interesting updates and news together with some shocking elements and weird talks.

Everything will be given for getting votes as a vote might change the result. And somehow you might feel supporting someone although you are not a hard fan of any involved side.

I’m starting to understand what is happening out there. Not because I’m growing older but thanks to the information that coming through the screen from day to day. I believe we are more exposed to the latest news and updates compared to 10-15 years ago – where the word ‘Internet’ is something out of mind.

Before I say something political, let make it clear that I am natural when talking about political ideologies. Maybe the time has not come yet. I love the quote by Siti Rahmah in her Facebook page: “I am Neutral, and only make judgment based on rationality what is right and what is wrong.”

Back to the topic, we can see that the same thing happens during election. We can hear a tons of promises together with big number of money – even millions. Yes, it is a part of campaign but what is the real thing that you can offer to the people? I am not the one to answer that. Personally says.

I never be on any side although some of my friends mentioned that I embrace ideologies from both government and opposition. Funny, but he might be true because both parties got pros and cons. And for sure people love the pros.

Votes represent people’s hope. Promises create responsibility.

Congratulations to Mr. P. Kamalanathan from BN. Now it’s the time to serve.

p.s: Been in KKB for 15 months as a student. A nice place with peaceful atmosphere. And people will be leaving after the election ended.

p.s: Credit to Berita Harian Online for the original photo.