Tuning Up English?


I and my studiomates had done the crit session for our current project and one the feedback that we got is – tune your language.

Well, this is the first time I heard about it. I mean, the term ‘tuning’.

The fact that I have to admit is I’m one of the fellas that needs to improve a lot when it comes to presentation skill especially when presenting in English. Grammar, pronunciation, terms, and choice of words is different from writing reports or chatting over the Internet. I guess I learned and somehow improved my writing skill as – thanks to blogging and my beloved friends online where I have to use English in most of the deals. Daily.

But speaking and writing are different. When speaking you have to say it. Spontaneous. No delete, backspace, online language checker or undo function. And you have to say correct pronunciation or the audience will misunderstood of what you are actually want to convey.

Gosh. This is important. Absolutely important.

I have to practice. I have to read a lot. I have to know presenting skills. I have to watch how people speak English and presenting in front of the audience.

I guess language is not just about mother-tongue matter. As we put effort in it, the road for success is in front of us ahead.

At this point I realized that learning is very interesting – we learned a lot of new and useful things everyday. Maybe it’s just us who are truly ignorance.

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