Tunas Muda 2009


Some buddies wondering where did I go for 3-4 days. Thanks for caring =)

My vacation is not over yet, still 1 month to go. Oho. From 29/5 – 1/6, I’d joined Tunas Muda program as a facilitator at my former high school. I’d included the pics during the camp together with this post.

Check it out.

Tunas Muda is a program exclusively for Form 2 students of SMKA Baling. This program started at 2004 if I’m not mistaken so my batch never experience Tunas Muda as participant.

Take a look at the pics during Tunas Muda 2009. Click the pics to see larger image.

Day 1 (29/5/2009)

Day 2 (30/5/2009)

Day 3 (31/5/2009)

Day 4 (1/6/2009)

Supposedly there’s a pic for the closing ceremony but I dunno where they’d gone.

Facilitators & Committees

I love this program and personally hope that it’ll proceed to the next years. I got some lessons and points during this program and hope it’ll make me a better person.

You can see more photos of Tunas Muda 2009 here.

For more information, you can visit Tunas Muda official blog at http://tunasmudasmkab.wordpress.com

*Anne got injured during Muhasabah session. Gosh. Btw, I believe there’s hikmah for every incident/event/happening.

I’m using external site to host the photos starting from this post. Saving some spaces in my hosting.

p.s.s.s: This is my 100th post =)

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