Trying Something New


Some people love to stay at wherever they currently be but that’s not me. I love to try something new – something out of my field.

We have a lot of things to do and I still remember what one my friends said, “Do until we die!”

Well, sometimes the cause is unexpected and that happened to me. I just wondered mentioned about doing a ‘real business’ and then one of my friends, a developer contacted me and offered to setup an online shop with a nice price. Really cheap plus the normal service is already cheap.

I believe that the online shop system that he provided is much powerful and easy friendly than other scripts – which got higher but irrelevant price.

And now I’m looking for vendors over the Internet. I guess this is the kickstart of doing a real business. Yes, a kickstart at least. I’m trying something new. Wow.

Here is some simple tips of trying something new. I got 5 of them:

  • Believe in yourself.
  • Do it from your heart. Don’t ever force yourself to do it.
  • Look for reference or you might go through the wrong way.
  • Say less. Do more.
  • Try and try and try and try.

Trying something new – It’s cool and I love it.

I just remember to say this – Happy Mothers’ Day, mom and to all mothers all over the world!

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