Time Heals, Time Kills



Gosh. This is not the first time I realized that I left my blog(s) outdated.

Yeah. I’m talking about time.


We’re currently doing proposal for the study area (Banting town centre) and as to complete the day, there are some assignments which I have to spend (supposedly) one day or above for each of them. Plus, economics midterm is just tomorrow! omg. I feel like in heaven! (lie statement)

The most shitty powerful enemy that I have to face is procrastination. I repeat, procrastination! I feel hard to do things faster and finish it on time although I (already) know I could make it. Ouch. It’s a self-destructive disaster. It’s painful. And it’s killing me.

So what? The only solution is to fight and fight.

This weekend we’re having a trip to Georgetown and I really hope to turn myself in. Enough time for gambling and relying on luck.


Time is precious.

Time heals. And time also kills.

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