Tie, Coat & Shining Shoes


Being a physically smart person is one of my passion. Some people might be either a mentally or physically smart and some people even get both of them. Being smart in one aspect cannot guarantee you will getting smart in other way, but I believe that these physically and mentally aspects are interrelated to each other so you might get both if you can afford for any of them.

I got inspired by how the lecturers’ dress themselves. Smart, coat, and shining shoes. As my ambition is to be a lecturer, I always think that I have to follow although being smart is in fact a way of dressing that has to be followed by students. However there is something that always make me wonder why some people keep condemning on my concept of being smart which I consider as – tie, coat & shining shoes.

Dressing smart is a way to motivate ourselves and increase seriousness while doing works. It is no matter what type of cloth or dressing that you want to wear as long as it is suitable for the certain time. I always keep this in mind and currently this habit helps me a lot of giving me focus while doing works.

I wear smart attire only during studio period where it is the time to practice and simulate the daily works in professional life. For me it is no harm for people to ignore this opportunity but for me, I don’t want to make myself regret at the end of the day where I missed the golden chance in my life.

Although people not seeing me as a smart person – my tie is not attractive, my coat is not an expensive one and I don’t have any leather shining shoes, I believe that today’s habit is a good kickstart and motivation to be a better and successful person in the future.

Tie, coat & shining shoes. Guys, don’t wait anymore!

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