Those People I Admire



Life isn’t easy. Yes, now I believe it.

The feel to admire something/someone is a part of human nature. As for me, I also have the same feeling towards some people based on certain aspects. And those aspects are based on my own justifications and worldview. Well,  guess different people got different thought.

I mean it.

The most admirable person in this world is Prophet Rasulullah, of course. And now I wanna mention about those people I admire – my lecturers.

You know why?

The most important thing is they’re smart and inspiring. Most of the lecturers here have smart attitudes and dressing. Clean shirt and shining shoes are enough for me to define them as ‘smart’ people. Some people might oppose my opinion so I add one more feature – they’re inspiring.

Lecturers are usually punctual and if they come late, they’ll tell why. They’re good in presenting the information and if we ask questions, they’ll try to answer the questions until we feel satisfied. They provides as much as they could in interesting way and that’s why I love to hear what they say (although I’m half-sleeping in class sometimes. gosh)

It’s not about love. It’s about responsibility.

Well, I think I wanna be a lecturer but it’s still a long way to go. My mom said “You have to prepare yourself from now. Look at them and follow how they live,”. My mom’s right. I try to follow their attitude – being smart to class (currently for studio time on Monday & Friday) and listening to their lecturers and understand every word that they say.

Talking about admire. Ok, I admire my girl.

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