This is Life: Be Cool!



One of my friends said – “Life is about perception,”

Yeah. Maybe you’re right, maybe not.

For me, I’m still exploring. Life is about exploring new things, right? And we learn new things everyday. And we wanna improve ourselves – today is better than yesterday.

Be cool!


Sometimes I realized how the things changing around me. Time, environment & people behavior are evolving from time to time and we’ll continue to watch them everyday.

I guess I’m different compared to previous session of this course. Well, that’s what I feel. Other people might have different or even bad opinions but I believe everyone has right to feel and think about other person.

It’s obvious (for me) that I’ll have a stressful time after being scolded (sometimes harassed) but I believe the current situation is different. All I love to do is – say ‘Yes’ and give a warm smile.

Do what we need to do. And left behind all the pain. I mean, just feel the pain and you’ll enjoy it when remembering about this experience one day in the future.

Scold me. Ask me anything. I’m who I am.

I’m learning what is life.

This is life. Be cool!

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