The Yummiest Ikan Bakar!



Last Tuesday night I went to Tanjung Dawai with Mom & Dad. That’s the 1st time I went there.

And I’d tasted the yummiest ikan bakar (grilled fish) in my life that night!

I never discussed about food, I guess. But when it comes to delicious choices, it’ll make me surrender. uhuhu.

I love grilled food especially grilled chicken and fish. Yummy! The soft flesh and sweet taste could absolutely change my mood. Maybe my future wire should know this. Oho.

But I always keep in my mind that the burnt part of the grilled food is not a good part to it. It can cause you cancer. Most of the part is safe to eat, so don’t worry =)

Grilled fish in Tanjung Dawai is the most delicious (that what I mean by ‘yummiest’) grilled food that I ever tasted in my life. Again, yummy! As a clue, if you go to Tanjung Dawai for any reason, search for the most crowded place and you’ll find nice food there. It’s normal to wait for half an hours because as you taste the food, you’ll forget how long you had to wait!

p/s : Maybe you can search for delicious food and interesting places for having nice meal at MakanMalaya.

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