The Things That I’d Missed


Time flies too fast.

And sometimes I had been left too far away.

And i feel that there are a lot of things that I’d missed :banghead:

gosh. a lot of things. especially since i don’t have time for blogging.

gratefully, i’m back to this.


The final papers, the programs, waiting for streamyx and bla, bla, bla, had made me forgot to update AloneinHome. ish3.

some people think they’re busy, actually they’re don’t. and i think it’s me. haha 🙄

and i the sad thing is, i figured out that my online brother, Syam had stopped blogging. He has some turbines to be followed up. It’s okay, bro. Life’s going on. But if you have time, write something because many of us really really miss your thought :waa:

and i heard that some of my friends became rich through online business. some of them got almost 1K :surprised: wow. what type of business is that?? er.. maybe it’s from adsense. but.. i think it’s not. maybe it’s the affiliate business that i always found when googling. haha. maybe i’ll look for it someday :thumbsup:

as life4hire said, many things been happened since i’m not around. yeah, the most obvious thing is the other’s blog had been changed (a lot). and some of my studio-mates have their own blogs. welcome to imah, anis, and anas fahmie. but i think they don’t have too much problems to attract the visitors as they themselves already have a bunch of offline of buddies. not an alone guy like me 😐

sheesh. i think i talked a lot.

well. as for my Muslim friends that read this post, i wish u Happy Aidiladha :notworthy:

life needs sacrifice. and sacrifice needs life. (if i’m wrong, please correct me)

* gosh. i miss my old friends.

** sorry EP JB, myadlan, and you who had tagged me. i don’t have the stuffs for the answers right now. i’ll answer them later. and.. maybe i’ll tag you back!!! :tongue:

see ya!

aloha 😛

(what’s this? a friend said this ‘aloha’ to me before she signed out from YM. maybe it means, ‘goodbye’)

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