The Tests


It’s a grateful thing to live and breathe in this temporarily world.

Smile, cry, pain, oppressed, depressed and bla, bla, bla become the color of this life.

I’m happy to let my fingers dancing on the keyboard again, after the terrible pain and feeling had pissed me off. A lot of things had happened. A LOT.

Sometimes we never ever realize that our life is full of challenges and obstructions.

So am I.

I’m avoiding myself from using the term ‘bad luck’ or ‘curse’ in my head, because I believe that all things happen with reasons and sometimes we had to think it back before we fell in our sleeps to get their meanings.

And i’m wanna talk about this one.

The tests.

It was a terrible evening when I got headache on my way back from DBKL. It’s so painful 🙁 Fortunately, I got a seat and took a nap for awhile, and when I opened my eyes, the bus was already at the main gate of the campus.

Stepped down from the bus, I went straight to my room and lied myself on the bed. And in less than 3 secs, i’m nowhere. It’s the long nap in my life, I think. Sleeping from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. on the other day is not a normal sleep. There’s a lot of messages in the inbox as well as the missed calls. omg.

The headache had gone. But just for awhile because it came back in 5 minutes and i felt so depressed because the presentation day was around the corner. I couldn’t answer the calls and could talk only a little bit because of the terrible headache and fortunately, Napi helped me in doing my works. Thanks Napi, you helped me a lot .

And for the whole day, I was a sick guy.

The next morning, it’s practical day for geomatic and the moment I opened my eyes and saw the time, it’s already late. so I did my prayer, took bath and wore my clothes in rush and despite of my terrible headache, I walked quickly to the kuliyyah. And as far I realized, I was not a late person. It’s also no any benefit for me because – the practical was postponed and.. :sighing: ..I dunno what to say..

I felt better that night and did some works for kaedfest. i thought it’s gonna be ok and last night, it was the most terrible thing that happened and made me regret until now. i and napi supposedly finish the presentation for our group and we had planned all the things, but unfortunately, we felt asleep, (maybe we were so tired) although our work was not yet finished, and I was so sad, frustrated, regret, and.. the other bad feelings.. because it affected the whole group members on the presentation the next day :brokenheart:

and yes, i still feel the headache now.

life is full of tests. but i believe there’s a meaning inside them.

but i also got a friend that always helps and understands me – napi. thanks again, napi.

i start to realize that there are so many things that i have to change in myself. yeah, i need to do what i need to do. and as the starting point, i just finished tiding my messy room before i write this entry 😉

a good start, huh?

uh. the headache. it’s terrible. i gonna take the pills..
oh yeah, it’s also a grateful thing to have this blog :mmuahh:

sincerely, writing what I’m feeling is a way to relieve my stress and pain.

“I’m alone. Accompany me”

come. accompany me 🙂

p/s:i need to call someone :callme: uh. miss the person so much. so that’s it 😉

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