The Surrogates?


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Have you ever watch the movie Surrogates?

Yep. The fictional movie set in 2017 where humans stay in home while their surrogates doing all the works out there – no risk of harming or die from accidents or crime.

So what? about making this surrogacy a real thing?

No harm. No crime. No fear. No risk. We could have an ideal world through these surrogates. We can live in home – relax on our stim chairs while the other ‘body’ of us going out there – working, shopping and do all the things that comes inside our minds. Nice! 😉


Agent Greer & Peters in the movie Surrogates

Sincerely I watched Surrogates for 5 times and above (currently). Maybe because of the interesting storyline and maybe because I love the idea of surrogacy in the movie itself. Relax in home while having the life outside. Plus, you got different appearance outside – the better appearance of yours. Young figures occupy the street! Gosh. It’s cool!


The Stim Chair

Well, there’s some sort some of contras.

  • No ‘real’ connections
  • Surrogacy might be used for evil purposes.
  • ‘You’ are not you.

Whatever it is, it’s fictional. I just love the ideas. Watch Surrogates if you never watch it. Because the idea is cool! 9/10 for Surrogates! 😛

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