The School Era



Recently it’s Teacher’s Day and most Malaysian blogs posting about teachers. You can check it through Negaraku!. Everybody knows teacher is important to us so I assume it’s a common sense.

By the way, it makes me remember of the school era. I mean, the school days in my life.

School days are awesome, and that what I feel right now. The feeling when I still studying in school was a bit different. Sincerely, rebellious.

The primary school life was normal. Learning, playing, joining activities, starting to know friends, that’s all bring me to the new world of education. The teacher that was so mad at me when I was in Standard 1 is still teaching at the same school. We’re talking like friends, it’s great. To be proud, I think I did well for my primary school education. uhuk. uhuk.

Life was changed a little bit when I entered the sceondary school. Note: The pics above shows a regular assembly on Friday at my secondary school. I enjoyed the life as a student from Form 1 until Form 3. Same with others. A little nonsense. I got a gold medal in 400×400 for school’s sports day. Enough for me, I guess.

Life is like nothing when I was in Form 4. No nostalgic things, it’s not even interesting. I think I was misguided at that time. Yeah, quite useless.

The most important point is when I was in Form 5. Maybe most people have the same feeling with me. Awesome memories and fascinating time with friends make it nostalgic. I still remember how weak I am when in Mathematics so I made an exchange with one my friend (now he’s studying in Australia). I teached him English, he teached me Mathematics. And as the result, we both got A in both 2 subjects. Thank God, it works! =)

Now when I’m finishing my assignment or having class with my T-Shirt and a pair of jeans (I missed the school uniform sometimes =D ), it makes me remind of the school days.

The school era.

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