The Scattered Notes



This photo was taken on 8th April 2009 at 8.35 a.m somewhere near the examination rooms.

I’d to postpone this post due to some reasons (on of them is laziness, maybe? ahaha). But this thing is a serious thing for me, and must be put under consideration.

Maybe putting the image is not enough, so I’d put some words there.

Hm.. so what?

Maybe this is a normal thing for some of you. Yes, we always see this situation during the examination weeks. Everybody’s rushing to get the notes, studying hard until 5 minutes before the examination starts, and then after the examination had finished, the notes are been ignored outside the examination rooms.

Take a look at these picture. I took a lot of pics that morning, but I just put some of them here.

All these pictures are taken before the examination started, nobody’s there, and the main point is they are notes for the examination on previous day.


You wanna makcik cleaner to read your notes? Some of them might be regret when thet have to throw or burn your notes away. Don’t you feel ashamed?

Don’t say that you have to rush after the examination. If so, you still have the time to pick back your notes. In that case, it’s still your fault when you leave your notes scattered before you go into the examination hall.

Come on guys, knowledge is light for us. We go to the classes to seek the knowledge, and knowledge helps us to improve ourselves and our lives.

Knowledge is not diapers, guys.

Don’t blame on the others if you don’t get good grade or you feel something’s wrong with your life in the future. Take a look on ourselves whether we appreciate the knowledge or not.

Do you know that most ‘alim (knowledgeable people) appreciate their books and always treat them gently? – because knowledge is so valuable in our lives.

Come on guys, think about it.

Whoever you are, lets appreciate knowledge, although it’s just written on the normal notes or even on a piece of paper.

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