The Pulsing Days



Well, we’re now more than half of Ramadhan and let’s think backward- what’d we done?

Seems I missed a lot of time for blogging. Dush3x.

Maybe it’s because of the pulsing days.

The pulsing days? Oh my.

Pulsing~ WTH is that?

Actually the word came into my mind from Anas’s idea for our town centre proposal – a pulsatic downtown. Note: Pulsatic = Pulsing + Energetic. Personally, I love this concept but if the other members decide to work on 1Banting concept, it’s OK for me =) why I’m talking about this pulsing?

From my understanding, pulsing is like something that give energy and impact to the surrounding – like our pulsing hearts that move our body circulation. (make me remembered of the Biology days. ouch)

Jumble of projects and assignments forcing me to work everyday. Yeah, because even a simple assignment will affect your mark in IIUM. In other word, just do what you need to do. And that’s the thing that keep forcing me to work. Oh yeah! (T_T)

– Town Centre Proposal
– Urban Design Report
– Infrastructure Report
– Quran, Sunnah & Built Environment Presentation & Review
– Leadership Essay & Final Project

Seems simple but a lot of critical thinking and analysis to be made. Well tasks and assignments, you’d made my pulsing days!

p.s: Some people might keep mumbling about the assignments, but I really believe that there’s a strong reason why lecturers give us assignments. So do love the lecturers =p

p.s: We understand that ‘Pulsatic’ term is not in the dictionary, but we feel excited to hear that our lecturer could mention the word! Yosh!

Ramadhan Kareem to all Muslim readers!

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