The Need For Sleep



I was doing my works last night when suddenly.. I felt sleepy šŸ˜”

I try to hold my strength to continue stay up. And do some twittering to grab the spirit of staying up. Well, I got negative feedbacks. uhuhu.

*tweet* *tweet*

“Can someone tell me how to put out this sleepy feeling?”

Thanks to topo, anarm and Hadramie for telling me to go to sleep šŸ˜„

I disagree and tried as hard as I could to stay up and in the end.. I realized that I couldn’t push myself anymore. I went to sleep, and woke up this morning – feeling a bit energetic.

I asked myself once a time – “Do we human really need to sleep?”

Now I realized it’s a silly question to ask šŸ˜³

This is not a continuation to my previous post about dreams and reality but it’s ok if you say so.

I’d googling about this sleep things and found many interesting things about this matter. gosh. We sleep everyday but most of us don’t know why we need to sleep. Ok, I admit maybe it’s not an important thing as I myself always fall asleep without noticing it. Yeah, we always notice it when we wake up in the morning.

I found interesting stuff about sleep here. Check it out šŸ˜›

Presentation Zen : The need for sleep

An Intro to Sleep : What is Sleep?

There’s a website exclusive for sleep campaign, It provides information and education about sleep for the public.

A University of California, San Diego psychiatry study of more than one million adults found that people who live the longest self-report sleeping for six to seven hours each night – Wikipedia

Take a look at this.

Age and condition Average amount of sleep per day
Newborn up to 18 hours
1ā€“12 months 14ā€“18 hours
1ā€“3 years 12ā€“15 hours
3ā€“5 years 11ā€“13 hours
5ā€“12 years 9ā€“11 hours
Adolescents 9-10 hours
Adults, including elderly 7ā€“8 (+) hours
Pregnant women 8 (+) hours

Woho. I once believed that it’s just enough if can get 1-2 hours of sleep per day. Now I realize that I’m wrong.

Now I know and realize that sleeping is an important thing in our life. Well, I once treated sleeping as just an ‘activity’ (sometimes ‘hobby’ šŸ˜† )

I don’t mean to sleep for almost 8 hours. Maybe 6-7 is sufficient? So I’ll not feel weak like before.

I want a healthy life. And sleeping is a part of it.

And I’m starting to manage myself in doing works so I could get enough sleep everyday :thumbsup:

Click here if you want to take the sleep test.

Back to work. And then I’ll go to bed to get my sleep šŸ™‚

We need to sleep! šŸ˜›

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