The Better Way to Smoke



Do you smoke?

Let me suggest you the better way to smoke!

Smoking, Health & Pollution

Smoking habit normally being viewed through health & pollution issues where it is said to risk your health and cause air pollution. That’s why there are a lot of health advices and advertisements out there as well as strict laws  & enforcement all over the world to reduce the number of people who smoke all over the world.

Trend or Addiction?

I didn’t found any statistic for this two factors for a person to smoke but I believe that there are people who smoke just as a trend as well as people who are addicted to smoking. And I think that trend in some cases followed by the addiction. Whatever it is, there are people who are smoking and the people who are not. Some people cannot inhale or smell the smokes from the cigarettes thus sometimes causing them to avoid the smokers for the rest of their life.

The Solution

The two major points above bring us to a solution that is for me, a better way to smoke that is the Electronic Cigarette. Why? The most important advantage is this cigarette is non flammable thus you can smoke anywhere even in the packed lift or train because you will not disturb the surrounding people. Besides, it is a healthier option for you and the people around you. Plus, it is cheaper than the typical cigarette!

The choice is yours 🙂

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