The Awesome Fight



It’s already night. Gosh.

Time flies too fast. Sometimes you can’t noticed you already passed a week. Well, maybe that’s what we call – life.

I guess I wanna write about fight.

Yeah. The awesome fight!

It’s already a week and as usual, semester days are tiring. Most classes are already started and everything looks like usual again for me. No day-sleeping, sending Mom to school or a pure relax at home. I missed the long holiday but I can’t let it killing me.

Whatever it is, I feel a bit ‘happier’ this time. Maybe because I feel myself already comfortable with this place or.. well.. I don’t know. The lecturers are so inspiring while mates are outstanding and awesome! Sincerely, I feel envy for some of my friends. They’re really cool and doing well at work, especially for the studio.

I have a weakness that I hate so much. What’s that?

Well.. until this point, I still unsuccessful to manage my time. Then I push myself to work so hard and as the result, I always collapse in the end of the day. Seriously, I can’t afford that. Start early but finish late. Sincerely, it’s an awful part of me. Again. Time management!

There’s still a long way to go. Nobody can predict the absolute thing that will happen in the future. I want a bright future. I want a good life. That’s why I need to fight. Fight, fall sometimes and then fight again.

I got to fight. I wanna be real.

Yeah. It’s the awesome fight.

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