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yeah.. at last.. i got chance to update. phew.

i and my frens are currently doing our 5th Project.

i’m currently doing some works.. but.. yeah.. i need to update! 😉

er.. actually.. the two combined titles are not related but it sounds coherent like pantun, right? hehe

i was tagged by saffawati. FaceYourManga tag, huh? sounds interesting.

ok. these are.. me.. uhu

Pic 1 : This is myself (i feel). just want to be a normal person. yeah, a lonely-felt person.

Pic 2 : Myself if i’m going out. more funky. the face should a bit happier. heheh.

Pic 3 : The ‘other’ me. Just don’t let him out.

oh no.. i x reti tagging people. hm.. saffa, i’ll do it later, ok? 😉


talking about plans, dreams, ambition.. i guess everybody have them in our life..

but – how about making it reality?

i’m very interested when Bro. Ali, our lecturer for Site Planning subject told us about his story life. his former ambition is to be a naval army, however his mother asked him to learn something technical and if has chance, do teaching. He followed what his mother asked and now – he is an expertise in tourism planning and at the same time – a leftenant commando for naval army reserved unit. he got them both. wow.

and he told us that we have to plan our life – a success person always plan his/her life.

i always remember what Bro SJ said in the studio :

the people out there (other country) are keep hardworking on the weekdays and take their rest on the weekend but us (note : orang kita) only want to rest, rest and rest for 7 days a week. how we gonna success if we still like this?

you absolutely right, Sir.

i know that he don’t mean all of our people, but apparently it becomes a trend in our place. we only want to rest and rest.

so how we gonna make our dreams become reality?

i always interested with what lecturers are saying, although sometimes it quite boring (for some people) because i believe that lecturers never bluffing (aha. if they are, i don’t know)

who/what i’ll gonna be in 10-20 years in future?

it’s like a puzzle, or simply a maze to be considered.

oh yeah.. these are some ..

pics of the site analysis at bukit cerakah, shah alam (18th August 2008)

yeah.. those yellow things are the safety jackets (not traffic jackets ye. hehe)

we took all the needed data and information such as climate, wind speed, pictures (i don’t mean these guys’ pics. hehe), water samples, soil samples, and etc2.

we went there by bus and after this site analysis, we were sooo hungry and took our lunch at one of the (they said) the best place to eat nasi ayam and large coconut milk.

it’ll gonna be a long post if i wanna tell you about the whole day.

well, it’s studio class at 9am.

see you again soon, guys 😉 sorry because i have to settle some works and can’t blogwalking. isk3.

p/s : i’d recently updated to wordpress 2.6.1 – i think there some features like the smileys are ‘missing’. i’ll repair it soon.

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