Start Facing Your Feelings


Most of the time feelings are not a choice to think about or talk about. In fact there are some reasons why people refuse to face their feelings.

Becomes Habit

We are creatures of habit and this also applies to feelings. Nowadays it becomes a normal habit to tell ourselves that it’s OK if we are not thinking about feelings. So how do we deal actually with these feelings? Putting a false smile on our face while feeling sad or annoyed inside is a habit that can harm ourselves. Some feelings can eventually explode or giving us illness due to our action of stuffing them. Remove this habit now and start facing your feelings!

Feelings are Unexpected

Imagine someone trips the trigger in ourselves than can rage our emotion – and that’s how we can see how feelings are unexpected. We might find our anger flaring and a string of expressive words coming out from our mouth. And sometimes we might find ourselves controlled by such force where we are stunned at the sound of our own voice. We human have trigger points and it can result in we respond in “automatic pilot”. It can happen in an instant and the strength of the feeling drives us beyond our usual behavior. But don’t worry because it’s a part of human – and yes, we have to face these situations and feelings.

No Hope for Feelings

Sometimes we stop hoping to face our own feelings. Let’s be real – life will bring pain and also joy. Take the feelings from these experiences and use them to develop ourselves to be a better one. Allow your feelings to be noticed them and deal with them until they heal. Start giving hope for your feelings and feel the difference!

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