“Sorry.. I’m Busy” and 1001 More Reasons


“Let’s join us,”

“Sorry.. I’m busy,”

Fine. And it’s just a matter of giving reason.

I might the one who just realized this ‘busy’ reason. You are giving ‘busy’ reason.. are you really busy? So what makes you so busy actually?

You are busy with your study? I also busy with my study.

You are busy with your assignments? I also got assignments to do.

You are busy with your part-time job? Say what, I’m also do jobs even more than you do!

Well, I’m not targeting this to anyone but I write this because I feel it’s a phenomenon. And I can’t deny the fact that sometimes I’m also practicing this one as a way of giving reason.

Simple, right? Mention that you are too busy with something and nobody will bother you.

If you don’t feel interested, just say so.

If you have other thing to do, mention it.

I busy with my breathe. I busy enjoying games. I busy sleeping. They are not acceptable.

Well, I love phenomenon. It shows us new horizon in our life.

Or even something that we should avoid in our life.

Credits to Cartoonnoise for the awesome cartoon.

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