Silent Hill 3: Back to Long-Time Passion

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Just installed and started to play Silent Hill 3. Silent Hill series is the greatest horror video game of all times for me.

The plot, characters, continuations, game plays & riddles make the series alive & amazing.

Actually Silent Hill 3 is a bit old game (released in 2003) however as currently my PC can afford to play it well, I guess it’s my time to enjoy this series again.

The first Silent Hill game that I’ve played is Silent Hill 1 (and I think most Silent Hill fans started with this one) with my PSone. Frankly said, experiencing Otherworld for the first time feels weird and disturbing. However as time went on – transaction becomes an interesting element of Silent Hill series together with amusing riddles, plots and combats.

My old PC let me finished Silent Hill 4: The Room (I only got game play while playing SH4 – without cut scenes due to PC’s low performance) and then played Silent Hill Homecoming about 50% until I found it was extremely annoying to play with low-performance PC. Maybe I’ll get back to that one after completing SH3.

Silent Hill 3’s protagonist is Heather Mason (the real name’s Cheryl from Silent Hill 1) who is going to Silent Hill after her father (Harry Mason) was killed by Claudia Wolf, the Order’s priestess. Well – that’s a sad thing actually. As Silent Hill 3 happens 17 years after Silent Hill 1, it means Harry dies at the age of 49.. quite young for me.

I understood some of the important plots as I love to watch theRadBrad‘s walkthroughs fo Silent Hill series on YouTube. A bit spoiler without playing the game, maybe. However watching walkthroughs and playing the game by yourself indeed offer different feelings.

It’s true that other franchises also offer great gaming experiences such as Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid and.. (I guess I need time recall them) but Silent Hill series has this unique feeling – I don’t know – but it is amazing, simply said. It is more than just playing games to understand English better.

With a new set and improved PC, I’m back to my long-time passion – survival/adventure/horror gaming, particularly Silent Hill series.

It is a well-known global desire to have newer Silent Hill series such as Silent Hill Downpour & Shattered Memories to be released for PC platform. Not everyone willing to buy specific console for specific game or series, I guess. In addition PC has higher possibilities for higher performance as it can be customized and upgraded to match the game specs. Well – time will tell.

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