Shut up your mouth, please!


There are a lot of annoying things in this world, especially people.

I feel sorry for myself for living with annoying persons in my life. Is it become a habit or lifestyle? You keep annoying others and it’s like you want to keep your so-called good habit until the rest of your life!


It’s ok for me deleting spams in Comments. I’m happy for being tagged (sorry for the latest tagged. i’ll try to make it somehow). I can always smile or just being natural to be criticized even being mocked by the others. But there just some type of persons who love to annoy others everyday in h** (gender is secret) life.

i hate to write the things those i hate but since i had burnt my hot-tempered habit a few years ago, i feel that translate the anger into words is more satisfying for myself.

argh! :banghead:

i hope you’ll not assume this post as a negative post.

i always keep patient. there’s no use to create conflict with others. but i feel sorry for them.

sorry. so sorry.

one day, when you had realized your mistakes, i hope you’ll not settle it by killing yourselves :blushing:

apologize to the people whom you’d hurt their feelings.

and then, shut up your mouth.


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