Searching in The Dark

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Sometimes we got bad nightmare. And some people get traumatic by their own dreams.

Some people afraid of the dark. Some people afraid of their parents. Some people afraid of riding bicycle. Some people afraid of mice. Some people afraid of cats. Some people afraid of the cockroach. Some poeple afraid of eating rice. Some people afraid of their illusions and some people afraid of themselves :suspicious: (I never meet this type of people). Some people afraid of the escalator as well the elevator. And well, some people was so afraid of being fat.

I myself feel very afraid of the failure to get something, no matter whatever it is – a mobile phone, a printer, a camera, or even a girl :blushing: So that’s why I choose to put my hardest effort for everything that I do. Because a simple failure could make me regret for the entire of my life :banghead:

The first day of Semester 2 had started yesterday. And well, we got the first task. Btw, the studio master and the supervisors had a little bit changed. Madam Dr. Zainora became the studio master, SJ and Bro Zahir are the supervisors. Bro Ali goes to 2nd year studio.

Whatever it is, study goes on. And we got the first task. ‘mixed-development’. I’m in group with Lynn and Kak Pah. Mutiara Damansara, PJ. At first glance, I thought Mutiara Damansara is in Damansara. haha. pathetic :drool:

And last night is the most exhausting night, actually it happens early in the sem. You know it. Searching for the classes.

ADM LR 6 (Admin building) – UNGS2040 :surprised:
AIKOL LR 3.6 (Ahmad Ibrahim Kuliyyah of Laws) – Bahasa Melayu Kerjaya :suspicious:

I had my Fardhu ‘Ain class at AIKOL Level 1 last sem and never at Admin Building (ADM). uh. so after doing some reading for the 1st task at the Library, i started walking to the ‘Admin building’. fyi, i never where is the admin building. I asked a lot of person, from pak guard to the students, most of them sisters (because there were a lot of them at the campus last night.. normal scene, maybe?) :suspicious:

and yeah. after almost 2 hours searching, I found the class. yeah. at last I found it :tongue:

one more class. it’s in AIKOL. so I walked to AIKOL. gosh. it’s dark. but it’s easier from the previous class. to be simple, I found it.

you know what? I was late to the UNGS2040 class this morning and the class already finished. some sisters there said that the lecturer just gave a short introduction so the class finished earlier. uh. :waa:

then for the class at AIKOL, the Bahasa Melayu Kerjaya class, i went there early, but the ‘cikgu’ didn’t come. uhu3. :waa:

while searching for the class last night, I was thinking in my mind – how it is such a hard way to seek knowledge. I feel very sad to see that some people just take for granted the opportunity that they got to be in the university. Ignoring the importance to study hard, keeping habit of always absent from class until been barred, showing bad manner to the lecturers and etc, etc are some of the ‘clot in the blood vein’ that show how these people being ungrateful for what they have got. I have nothing much to say. For me, I try my best for whatever I do, since I felt regret for a lot of times in this life.

until now, I have some quotes that had been given by some of the lecturers to me.
“you are a schematic person”
“i know your secret”
“you have a good niche, askar”

see you later :thumbsup:

oh yeah, for the tags which don’t answered them yet, I’ll answer them later, ok? 😛

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Your creations are deilfiteny inspiring! I wish I could be there, sigh! Maybe one day you can come to the USA?! That would be awesome!!!!!!!!P.S. Love the heart border punch you used in the second LO. I have a Martha Stewart one but it punches upside down. You mind sharing who is yours by? TIA!


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