Searching For Names?



Are you searching for names?

Everybody knows what is a name. And what’s important with a ‘name’.

Newborn baby? You will looking for name. Buying a new pet? A name for it. And it’s a normal thing nowadays when people give names to a car or bike.

Sometimes people give names to their microwave and blender 🙄 Well, a weird thing at the first glance 😈 ..but there are reasons why people give names to something.. as the things might having lives like someone.

Lets straight to the point.

Do you know that there is a place where you can find a collection of names?

It’s Namespedia 🙂

Namespedia is not just an encyclopedia where you can search for names based on language, location, gender and thematic, you can also contribute a name that you know its characteristics such as the origin and meaning of the name.

I found a lot of names here and its interesting to go through the wonderful names and their meanings. Of course, I’d picked one for my baby.

Q : Hey Alone, you have married? 😯
A : Er.. No.. I’m just.. just picking some names.. 🙄

The most interesting thing is to know the name meaning. Maybe it’s a new thing for you to know these meanings. And in fact, some people don’t know what’s the meaning of their names. omg 🙄

Maybe you just have your own baby, or got a new pet and you’re clueless for what name that you want to give, just take a look and search for a list of suitable names at Namespedia.

Or if you know about some names and their meanings, origin and etc., you can contribute them at Namespedia. Somebody will search for them. At least you have your own personal contribution, right? :thumbsup: 😮

Searching for names? Take a look at Namespedia 🙂

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