Say Less. Act More.


*feeling dizzy*

Currently I’m in Port Dickson for site visit and fieldwork. My group are doing study on Pasir Panjang area and it’s quite challenging. Need strength and ideas in the same time so it’s not easy. By the way I always keep in mind that things in life are not easy for us and never thinking of getting silver spoon if you want to achieve success in your life.

When doing things everyday, generally we are dealing with these two things – say and act. We might categorizing people when talking about these but I want to focus on this way – say less and act more.

Yes, we’re dealing with a lot of people in our life with various ways and lifestyles. I love to see how people around me react. Sometimes I take 5 minutes to watch people moving while hanging out on the street (this is one of my habits that motivates me to get a DSLR) and I realize that even body movement can tell a lot of things especially how a person thinks and reacts.

I somehow realize that I always say a lot of things but I act less. I plan various things for myself but I can’t make them a reality. There are a lot of things in my head but I can’t make them work. There are a lot of factors for this such as procrastination but I somehow get the to idea that I can’t make things work just by saying a lot of things.

Planning is an act. But planning by words without any proper ideas might wasting time and end up with nothing. This is the thing that makes me regret until this second. I always say more but act less.

However saying less things can’t guarantee you can act more. Determination is an essential element for you to proceed and makes things work. Money might be the one that motivates you but sometimes it could make you blind and in the end it could bring you nowhere.

I have to keep this idea in mind – say less and act more.

Time for sleep. See ya!

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