Say Hi to Lilly!



Yosh. Time to update.

I’m currently packing my belongings because tomorrow I’ll be in KL. I’ll get my new room on this 12th (Sunday) and start my 2nd year in IIUM on 13th.

Oh yeah. What I wanna say is – “Say Hi to Lilly!”

Yeah.. it’s my new laptop.

Actually I’d planned to buy it at Lowyat but my mom insisted to buy it here so I got it here. I need it because this coming sem might be harder so I think I can’t spend much time with my PC at my room. Besides, I think it must be better doing tasks together with my future groupmates for studioworks.

It’s a black Lenovo laptop with Pentium Dual-Core processor, 1GB of RAM and 320GB of disk storage. No special graphic card because I think I’ll use it for assignments and courseworks only. I mean it. Forgot to say, excluding blogging, blogwalking and surfing!

Why Lilly? Ok.. that name just came into my head. Lilly for the first name and Lenovo for last name. Lilly Lenovo. Does it sound cute? Wahah. Whatever. I just feel better naming something like Shinigamis in Bleach naming their Zanpaktous.

New sem is coming. Time to get ready. Arguing, being blamed, rushing, etc – it’s time to face them all (back). Sincerely, I love my holiday-time but it’s to set up my mind. Come on!

p.s: Sometimes I hate to say this but yeah, we have to – Let’s do it.

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