Save Gaza – Save our Brothers & Sisters

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I was visiting my friends’ blogs when i found this banner at UmarAbdulRashid‘s blog. It’s about Rapat Umum Selamatkan Gaza.

All of you are invited to attend the Rapat Umum to show your support for Palestinians in Gaza and to protest against the inhumanity action by the Israeli soldiers. The activities are : Multimedia presentation, poem declamation, prayer, etc.

Organized by : Aman Palestin
Date : 10th January 2008
Place : Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam
Time : 1000 – 1200

omg. it’s tomorrow! it’s so sad because i have some tasks to do it tomorrow. but, it’s ok. Anne can go for me, although the rewards may not be the same. uhuh.

well, if i’m not mistaken, it’s almost 2 weeks since the Isreali soldiers started to attack Gaza in Palestine.

I saw the progress on TV (with my PC’s TV Card) and the number of victims increasing day by day. omg.. and sometimes i ask myself, “what did i done for my brothers and sisters over there?” – my ustaz said the minimum thing that we can do for them is our prayer.

The Unconcerned

i know some programmes about save Gaza and funds collection for them in the campus. but the thing that made the sad feeling become worst is the ignorance of some people. i repeat, some. you know what they said?

“well, i know it’s a war. a war is a war. so let them defend themselves”
“i know about that. but that’s not our problem. our country is already peace, right?”

and the worst quote is:

“Gaza? where is Gaza? it’s a long time since i didn’t read the news” – ergh! :banghead:

This is our responsibility towards them, at least pray for their safety out there. some people are keep asking – why should we so concern about them? :argh: *geram*

How would you feel if you are in their shoes? Do you try to feel it? Do you try to understand the feeling?

O Allah, give strength to the people of Gaza to face this inhumanity action towards them. O Allah, save them.

Help them. Save them. Give them hope. Pray for them.

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Thx for your hard work no matter rinaing or sun shining. We do see your professionalism and enthusiasm during the day of shooting. From those pics we do remember every memorable seconds in the day of shooting. Thx for sharing every moments with us. Those pics are so great, but we believe the best is yet to come haha, rite?? cos u always strive for the best^_^


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