Sad & Alone



Sad. And alone.

Can you feel that?

Maybe yes. If you read through to know what I mean.

I always mention that I always feel lonely although I’m in a huge crowd. Some friends ask me – “How is that possible?“. I think the image above this para could visualize that. In a crowd, but feel sad & lonely.

But it’s just a natural feeling, I guess. Yeah, I love friends but it’s different when we talk about trust.

There are people who always nice.
There are people who always bad.
50% nice – 50% bad.
Most of the time nice.
Most of the time bad.

That’s my perception. Of course, we’re not perfect.

And I feel a bit relieved to know there are some people like me, or even worst.

I’m glad to know that my best friend told about what he feel and the person who I feel a deep but silent anger in him seems to be angry. At least he feels what I felt.

It’s not about revenge. It’s about life. I did a mistake yesterday, maybe tomorrow it’s your turn.

Sincerely, I’m not blogging for SEO. But it seems that blogging could give us some cash. OK, I’ll try to grab both passion and earning. The most important thing is I feel the satisfaction cooling the heat down through writing.

I red a free but very useful tips package about blogging and affiliate last night. Recommended to read. Download it here before it’s closed to public. I hope it’s there now. Enjoy the knowledge!

Thanks friends for all of your comments. I love it. And I’ll do blogwalking! =)

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