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Mac Games and more

Have you ever tried Mac games?

Do you have interest to try them?

For Apple users who love gaming, this is a right place for you – Mac Games and more!

Mac Games and more is maintained by Cate Defrise and provides weekly news of Macintosh software and hardware. You can find a lot of information related to Apple products such as iPod accessories, free games, software and etc.

The main intention of Mac games and more is to support shareware and game developers’ works as well as appreciate Mac and Apple products, the community of Mac Users, participants of Mac User Groups (MUGS) and for those who just want to browse the site and know about it or even get interest in switching to Mac.

switching to Mac? omg 🙄

Mac Games and more includes a variety of interesting games for Mac. You will find awesome games in every page of this site. You can search for top sellers and recently featured games. I’m actually want to have one of these interesting games, but considering the budget to get a set of Mac, i just put my effort to do a review of this site for you.

There’s a lot interesting games from all genres and for variety of ages. I sometimes forgot I’m a PC user. haha. There are Zuma, Word Games, Jewel Quest and etc2. You can even find your classic mac solitaire there!

Mac Games and more also promoting shareware products because it is one of the best ways to see the innovative and imaginative works in the shareware industry. Of course, it is not easy to create a good shareware products as it needs skills and creativity to attract the users. This is a good step that had been taken by Mac Games and more to show to the world what shareware products is all about. It’s not about promoting cheap software for fun or spreading the virus, it’s about the application of imagination and creativity that had been applied to the games and that’s why you should try it.

You can also visit if you want to find more games for mac :thumbsup:

I surfed this site and found Haunted hotel for mac, an interesting game that you should try 😉

p.s : I love RPG games as well as 3rd person view. *currently playing MGS2*

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