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I was feeling sleepy reading the notes :hypnotized: , so I do some blog walking. There’s a lot of interesting blogs and entries over the net and sincerely, some blogs and entries had opened my mind and influenced my life.

I’m actually want to write about something else, however I love to write a review about a blog that had inspired me in blogging life and enhoy the blog-o-sphere.

tadaaa.. introducing – :party:

okay.. I just do a simple review about this blog and explain a little bit on why this had became one of my blogging-life inspiration.

About The Author

The real name of the author is Syamsuddin Md Nor. Born in 1983, he is an engineer with Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Still single and love reading. You can read more about his biodata and his blog at


Using Bahasa Malaysia as the main language, is the author’s personal blog and includes the entries those are based from the author’s observation, reading, and experiences. He once used blogspot as platform for blogging with the URL and then uses his own domain –, and in advance, using WordPress as the platfrom for blogging.

Why This Blog Inspired Me

The first time I found this blog – when I was exploring the way of blogging – on my early days of blogging-life. That time Aeropama is still using Blogspot as the platform. I really attracted to the entries that had been posted by the author because they contain advices, steps, information and many elements those can open your mind and enhance your knowledge. I also used Blogspot at that time.

And when Aeropama started to use it’s own domain, it had attracted me to use my own domain too as well as WordPress. Until now, provides you a collection of beneficial, informational, and marvelous articles for you to read and open your mind. In addition, you also can put your comment and the author will reply to your comment. Indirectly, you had been dragged into an interesting discussion and communicate with the author himself.

the entries from had also influenced my style of writing entries and comments.

* you also can go directly to’s latest entries through the ‘’ section in this blog sidebar.

** I hope you can be there, read the entries, open your mind and leave your comment to express your idea or adding some suggestions for

Well, I think that’s all 🙂

p/s : syam, I apologize if there’s anything wrong in this review.

have a nice day! 😉

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Hey you two we love your new website and your blog! We rietseergd for updates, so hopefully we’ll get notified when new stuff gets entered. We enjoyed looking through all of your incredible photos. You two are just getting better and better every year! You are really something! And wow we didn’t know that you have had your work in all of those publications The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine, etc. We think we need an update:) Also love the photos of Avery & Parker! We just laughed when we saw Avery with that big red nose:) We miss you and hope to talk soon Mom & Dad Ryan


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