Repent is Repent


To be frankly teenagers (22 is still teenager!) like me did a lot of sins in our life. We sometimes enjoy ourselves too much or end up boring. However we never know or never realize we did a lot of mistakes although it looks right.

Well, it’s teenagers we’re talking about.

It’s Ramadhan again and Alhamdulillah thanks God I have the chance that we meet again. It’s the time where our schedules change and we have some pieces of time to take a look at ourselves. Am I being better or vice versa?

In fact some people still feel bad when it comes to fasting. I agree taking meals is enjoying moments but hey – try to take a look why the fasting was being ordered to us. Or at least, read scientifically of what fasting is. And it’s not just about abstaining yourself from eating and drinking, it’s more than that.

And take your time to repent.

Yes, repent.

It’s impossible to count how many time we do repent because it’s human nature to feel regret for doing something wrong. And most of us keep doing mistakes after feeling repent. And repent again. And do mistakes again. Again and again.

Repent is repent. And I guess it’s just a matter of time in our way for maturity.

* How maturity should be? I guess it’s an abstract matter.

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