Relax Your Mind & Start To Feel Alive


Life involves energy where in fact, energy always flows. Don’t ever resist the stream of life or you will bring yourself more into thinking and wanting. If you relax go through with that flow of energy, you are more into feeling and being. And this is the best way to feel alive!

The mind is a recording device that records events and plays them back when you need to access memories. You have to be with it all the time – and in fact you need it through your life! Relaxing your mind will never affect your intelligence or the way you think.

It’s a misconception and sometimes myth where some people say a lot of thinking gets things done or solves various issues. In fact scientific research proves a lot of reasons for balance of thinking and receiving, mind in emptiness for the sake of concentration and release.

If you relax your mind you can increase your power and happiness. The most important element that you should consider is your feeling. When you notice yourself get tense or unwell, simply shift back to your feeling and in the same time shift back to your energy. This is called “getting out of your head”.

Try to take a deep breathe and feel what you are feeling. Feel your life energy. When you feel life, you feel all the energy passing through you and try to perceive the parts of your energy – which is within yourself!

A good idea is to relax your mind is by experiencing places, people and things without filters and protection. At the same time try to understand how the things work. Give yourself the chance to relax and feel more alive!

Relax your mind now. And it’s time to start to feel alive!

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