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I’m sure most of us know what is PageRank. No need for an introductory paragraph, I guess. There’s many ways to increase your PageRank so I had tried some. And I think it’s better to share.

Check it out.

I found a lot of ways and techniques to raise the PageRank over the Internet. Some of them are interesting and some of them ridiculous. You could make a huge list if you collect all the techniques.

Some of them are blackhat techniques / tools / softwares. Well, I rather apply 1001 ways than using these blackhat techniques. Once your PageRank falls down or your site been penalized, you will regret of what you had done. So lets try the fair way.

I found some PageRank experiment sites through some blogs and believe me, it’s easier than doing the viral traffic. You just have to put the link to the specific site and that’s all! No need for specific URL or whatever. One more thing, it’s free =)

Lets see the sites that I had mentioned above.


This is the simplest experiment site that I found. Just put the link to this site and you’re on! The top and last 10 referrers will be listed. The higher you refer, the higher your site will be on the list. Through this way, you have the chance to gain more traffic to your site. You will gain +1 credit for each hit that you make to the site. Click here to go to HitAdz

* I tried with Blogspot-hosted blog but it didn’t work.


What you need to do is submit your website and put the information about your site in the form provided. Put interesting description as it will increase your chance to attract other visitors of this site. The highest referral, latest referral and latest web submit will be listed on the site. Just follow the instructions and you’re on! Click here to go to Ongsono.com

Page Rank 10

The first thing that you need to do is submit your website and remember to put a good description about your site. You will receive an email from Page Rank 10. Put the link to the site or just cut and paste the codes provided and then reply the email with the location of the site. Make sure you put the link at the mainpage, not in the post or links page. I put it on the sidebar. Top 20 referrers will get free link on the site when it get PageRank 10. Click here to go to Page Rank 10.

This is the latest way that I found and I think it’s better to give a try. I hope this is not considered as blackhat, LOL. But I still believe to the phrase “content is the king”. Yeah, the most powerful strength is the contents of your site itself. If they are good, well-arranged, have appropriate keywords and beneficial to the users, you have the chance to gain a great traffic from them.

Any suggestions, opinions or comments? As usual, the form is located below this post. Hehe. See ya!

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