Pursuing Your Ambition


“Now you have your own ambition. What should be your next step?”

I believe most people got their own ambitions. These ambitions are vary depend on background, motivation, environment, inspiration and other reasons. And these ambitions can be religious, political or education ambitions (and a lot more).

Now you have your own ambition. What should be your next step?

Think Beyond

See the future or in other words imagine how your ambition could be when you achieved it. Who and where you are at that time. This is the concept of having goal where you create an idealised state to see where you are going to. It’s like running to the final line in a race where you keep going to the end line without turning back. Think in advance and beyond the present time. And believe it or not, this is one of the secrets of genius people that ever existed!

Set Your Time

Determine specific periods or time in your life in pursuing your ambition. Ask yourself this question – when? when? when? In order to make this step clearer, make a life schedule for yourself – a general one. Determine which month and year you will achieve this and that. Most successful people optimize their time well in order to achieve specific targets in specific periods. This is essential and make sure you create a realistic schedule for yourself.

Act Now!

It’s always be a fact that procrastination is a serious killer for success. Stop wasting your time and act now because time is never going to wait for us! Every single second is very important because it never turn back or wait for you. Don’t wait or giving yourself any excuse anymore because it’s time start or you are just wasting your precious time in your life!

My (worldly) ambition? Traveling around the world!

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