Pursuing Time


Time. Time. Time.

Well, it never waits for us.

Whether you want it or not, all of us are pursuing the time.

Assignments, researches, projects, mapping, design tasks, blogging and all the things which are currently weighing my shoulder – all of them got their time which means – deadline. Although thy are bothering my feeling and mind in some sense, in fact they are the things that I must face until they are done.

One of the question is – when I want to start working on them?

Simple question but really hard to be done!

The first thing that I did is writing the tasks in my to-do list and OMG. There’s a lot of them! And one of the disease that need to be cured inside my mind is – keep postponing the work until the deadline is around the corner.

Gosh. This is a serious disease. Procrastination. And it’s killing human from inside.

So what I should do?

The answer is here – start now!

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