Productive Moments: How Do You Use Your Hours?


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Time is gold. Time is sword. Time is precious.

We got same amount of seconds, minutes, hours, days and weeks for each of us. However how we utilize our time – defines who we are.

I’ve wrote a lot about how I regret the moments I’ve procrastinated. However what makes it regrettable is – the moment you regret, you never can turn back on time. It already left you.

Read how success people use their daily hours and start realizing how we have miss a lot of productive moments in our life. Some people sleep at 1am, wake up at 4-5am and already in their offices at 6am!

So.. how..?

Take a look at your goal or target – what you want to achieve? What are the criteria that let you know you have achieve your target?

The next question is – how do you achieve the target? Alright, you got your strategies.. so what are the things that need to be done? So you know the things that you SHOULD DO.

We got 2 category of activities now:

  • What we SHOULD DO
  • What we SHOULD NOT DO

By listing down the thing that we should do, other activities fall down into the activities that we should not do.

A wise idea is to make a to-do list and plan on how to complete all the jobs. Once you realize that you are doing something irrelevant, recognize that you are procrastinating! Take a look at your target, strategies and put yourself back on track. Make this a habit and we can enjoy a lot of productive moments in our life.

When the productive moments happen? It is subjective. Some people are productive at night instead day and vice versa. We know our own productive moments. And we can find it by ourselves.

Of all things,┬ákeep in mind that we are not superhumans. We also need time to rest. Do remember – resting time is also a productive moment for us!

How do you use your hours?

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