Principles In Life

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Life is full of unpredictable events.

(i couldn’t doing works with my group mates last Saturday 🙁 )

I just woke up from my fever ‘nap’ and Alhamdulillah.. i feel better this morning. The flu and coughs also disappeared slowly but i have to finish the medicines given by the doc.

Thanks to Syam and Lenny for the message thru Twitter and comment for previous post – asking about my fever.. well, not bad 😉 but i think i might feel better enough and full recovered by tomorrow.

talking about the principles in life..

what do you understand about it? 💡

i write based on my opinion and thoughts and if i doing mistakes, please tell me. i really appreciate it :love:

basically, i have my own principles in life, some of them influenced by my family, and some of them came into my life through my experiences when i approach the ‘renaissance’ while i was in form 5. ‘renaissance’? ok.. i’ll write about it later 😀 and that’s why i’m very reluctant to drastically change myself although it actually makes me a better person. kids nowadays, huh? :shame:

however, that’s me. the real me.

my studio master gave me a nickname – ‘Askar’ because i always wear tie-in and so-called ‘smart’ dressing to class.. and he told that the way i dress had gave me a niche or a unique identification of myself. well, he said i’m a guy who strongly hold my principles (yea.. sometimes) and he also told that, in life we must have principles or we gonna be like the grass or dust.. go where the wind brings them.

and some people keep asking me – ‘hey, why you use English for your blog?’, ‘why you don’t just use Bahasa? It’s easier..’ and etc.. etc.. hm.. is it wrong to use English instead of Bahasa? 🙄

well, I’m a Malay and love Bahasa, however there must be some reasons why I use English instead of Bahasa. sincerely, i’m weak in English especially in grammar, so blogging using English is my effort to improve my language as well as grammar. yeah – using English is absolutely not a wrong thing 😎

sincerely, the principles had made me who I am until this sec.

My Principles in Life
1 – as long as it don’t break the regulations, I don’t hesitate to do it
2 – everything must be well-done in order to get satisfaction. and effort is the key to achieve something.
3 – i love to see others happy and hate to see sadness on other people faces
4 – i’ll never show my anger although i fell very angry cause it’ll make things worst. i prefer silent.
5 – revenge is bad to me, so i always prefer to say peace or 0-0
6 – i feel very responsible to the other people’s belongings and i hate when the other people being irresponsible when borrowing/taking my belongings 😡
7 – i love to know more and more people day by day. that’s why i blogging and when i meet new people, i’m (always) the one who approach and recognize myself :hugs:

and as far as I see in this life, people with principles always know their objectives in life and know themselves – no matter there are alone or in front of the crowd.

the good example is Tun Mahathir – do you remember the negative responses that he got when he suggested the idea of Proton? (i don’t born yet at that time 😀 ), you can see that Proton had becomes one of the successful industry in our beloved country.

the same thing happened when he suggested the idea of Penang Bridge, and now you can see that the bridge had becomes a congested place for local people and tourists. i’m not yet talking about Putrajaya and KLCC 🙂 – and for me, Tun Mahathir is a person who has strong principles and spirit in himself. you can see those elements when he’s giving his speech.

every people have their own believes, style and principles, however most of them don’t realize about it. and as the result, their lives are controlled by the other persons.

having own principles will let you know and understand about yourself, your ability and your potential to success in any fields.

i really believe that we human have our own power and ‘magic’ in ourselves. the matter is whether we want to use it or not.

think about it. never lose to the negative surroundings around you :notlistening: you are yourself, so start to understand and believe you have the ability to success in this life. however, always listen to positive advices and alert the opportunities around you because time never waits for you.

i want to repeat this phrase – i’m not a motivator, i’m just a person who loves to share his thoughts and opinions with the others.

i already have my principles in life, at least i know them. how about you? 😉

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