The Power of Forgiveness: Revenge Doesn’t Work


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One of hard things to be done in life is to respond to evil with kindness and opt for forgiveness. For most of the time, people appear to choose anger, depression and hatred to handle sufferings upon them.

Believe me – one of the keys for longevity and good health is to let go of the past matters and forgive.

The Best Reaction

You know what? The best thing that you can do for your enemy or people who hurt you is to live a happy & successful life. Live happily and show to yourself, your family and other people especially those who tend to hurt you that the hardship and suffers never affect your life and efforts to success.


Understand the suffering of others and you will appreciate the experience of suffering the same hardship on yourself. Some people tend to hurt you due to their own suffering and you might missed this kind of thing. Be rational in your action and try to understand the feelings of the people who are hurting you. This can give you the power of forgiveness. Your today’s most hated enemy might be your greatest friend tomorrow. Who knows?

Want to live an extended, happy life? Go for the power of forgiveness!

Read Forgiveness is A Choice to learn step-by-step process for resolving anger & restoring hope.

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