Positive Thinking: Time To Move On!


I have a bad personal nature – always worrying for nothing. I always feel worry without reason and that is the major factor that let my motivation down. And as the results – there are a lot of things undone and in the end of the day, I’m the one who suffer the loss.

But not anymore.

Time changes people and I want it happens to me. It is the time to be a better person. Well, I always feel it is easier to say to say than done but now I want to turn it into – it is easier when you do it rather than just saying!

Worrying About A Problem Attracts More Problems

Yes, it is! I am inspired by a senior negotiator (I’m a property negotiator now) who achieves a lot of things in her life. And I still remember her words when other members asked about what is the worst problem she got with clients where she mentioned: “Actually I don’t bother with the problems. For people with positive thinking, problem is something to be let go. And keep worrying about a problem will attract more problems!

I always feel worry with the problems that I have to face (actually there is no big problem at all!) and I suffer the loss of ignoring the things that I should do from day to day.

Not anymore!

It’s time to face the challenges ahead and do what I should do. No more reason and no more excuse. And no more worry. Because the possibility to success is there.

Time to move on!

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Even though regular people, although still will be faced with adversity. fuss people can not be human.



Hi there,

Interesting article. I couldn’t agree with you more. The worrying you do over shadows everything else in your life. Try to turn every worry into a opportunity of doing something better, learn from it and use that knowledge on another worry. Thanks so much for sharing.


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thank you very good admin



I worry a lot myself too, so this was nice to read. I hope I can implement it in my life.



I don’t agree that people with positive thinking aren’t aware of problems, they just choose to see them as a challenges so they have different approach to them. Regretly, I’m not one of those persons, so I tend to worry a lot…:) But the most honestly would be to say that I worry when I feel incapable of facing problem. When I feel safe and assertive, then I don’t worry- I just do. But it’s pretty rarely :)



True indeed. But then again not worrying takes away that adrenaline rush needed to keep yourself sober and quite aware of everything around you.


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