Please, No More Doctrine


If you are care enough about what is happening nowadays, you will realize that we are being doctrined in every second of our life. Ok, I specify it – political doctrine.

I love to read latest updates daily from various sources on the Internet as I do believe different parties got different views on specific issue. Yes, I’m pretty sure I’m natural if you are talking about political ideologies. I believe there are always good and bad people on both sides so there’s no way we could be bias.

(Political ideologies could be an issue but that’s not my main point here)

We read newspaper, watch TV and get updates on the Internet everyday but how we can ensure that we are reading the right fact? I sincerely do believe that even I read 4-5 sources on same issue, the real truth lies somewhere behind the editor’s chair. So why we are not being exposed to the real fact and sometimes being mislead? Because they don’t want us to know. That’s it.

Do we understand what are politicians saying? 1Malaysia? Model Ekonomi Baru (MEB)? Malaysian Economic Agenda (MEA)? NCER? and yada yada? Do we really understand? If we are studying about it or we are thoroughly reading on it we might get a good understanding about it. But how about the oldies and some people who can’t understand about it? And the people who don’t want to get involve or care about the current slogans?

We heard a lot of slogans and project names’ everyday but do we really understand about it? We got a lot of heavenly promises but do we get benefit from them? Or are they just a way to doctrine?

Well, I admit that we need to politics to survive but it’s never mean that some people can use it to get absolutely rich and powerful while ignoring people below their feet.

Tell us the actual facts. Tell us what you really want to do. Can we get higher salaries? Or can we get free and high-speed Internet all over the country?

Well, I admit I’m nerd in politics but this is just my feeling and thoughts. Plus, I’m already 22 and it’s time to vote!

Please Mr., Ms. and Madam politicians, no more doctrine!

It’s no matter whether my thoughts are being heard or not. I’m speechless about this so I’m blogging! 😀

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