Playing Like A Team


During last weekend, I and my friends joined the open futsal tournament at UniKL British Malaysian Institute which is just located next to our campus. Sincerely, it is bigger than I ever thought. This is the first time we play together as a team for tournament, excluding the practice. My last game was in Foundation in PJ and now I got the chance again to play in team. I mean, the real team.

Gosh. This is really awesome.

4 teams from IIUM (I guess) joined the tournament and we are all KAEDians. I then noticed I missed a lot of awesome things since I started studying in Gombak campus. The 4 teams were named Baitulmaqdis, Kopi Jantan, Kopi Betina, and Kapal Api (my team). Sounds funny, but it is more than that when you’re in the match.

The first impression was different. I was not sure to believe which point – playing easy or hard. Whatever. Let’s play. And the first match began. It was our first time and unfortunately I was been put in the wrong position. A defender suddenly became the striker and I lost my focus. We lost 0-1. It is our first match and we were very disappointed but somehow we got motivated again where we could win the other 2 matches.

And yes, we won another 2 matches!

Been put in the right position and substitutions, we played very well as it is our first experience. Everybody knows each other abilities for example, EP JB has to go inside the game in the second half and being changed before the game ends. It works! I learned something new at that time where knowing each other is very important if we are looking for success and achieving the goal.

As the result for the first day, all 4 teams qualified to the knockout stage and we were really happy about that.

For the knockout, we are the first one to be knocked out followed by other teams. Baitulmaqdis won the 3rd place and for me, they are a great team.

Congratulations, friends. Hope we will play better next time!

Playing like a team =)

p.s: You can view some of the pictures during the tournament here.

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