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Some friends keep asking me – how I learn to write and blogging and in English. Well, I have no specific answer about it. And I’m not the one who is talented in English. I’m blogging in English to improve my language skill and then I found it useful for me. First, I feel the improvement of myself. Now I’m not hesitate to write and speak in English, especially with my foreign buddies. Second, I got a lot of friends all over the world. And thru English, I can communicate, discuss, and sharing thoughts with them. It’s awesome! :thumbsup: 😆

I love my mothertongue language anyway 🙂

Btw, I want to share with you one of the ways how I learn to understand English and apply it, maybe it can give you a clue 😛

Well, check it out 😛

For those who is familiar with the picture above, maybe you have the clue of what I want to say. Ok. The pic above is a screenshot from Silent Hill 4 : The Room. An interesting game and I currently playing it. Almost 55% done.

So what? 🙂

Yeah. I love playing games since I was a kid. My first console was Sega (or Atari? I don’t remember :question: ) and now I just playing games with my PC. 512MB ATI Radeon graphic card is enough for me 🙂

And from playing games, I learn to understand and apply English :thumbsup:

Don’t believe me? 😈 Ok.. let’s see 😆

Silent Hill is an interesting game series but I don’t play Silent Hill 2 and 3 yet. It’s because I seldom visiting PC shops nowadays. Thanks to and Rapidshare! 😆

I choose Silent Hill 4 because I currently playing this game and the language used in this game is formal. However, some scenes are gore and not suitable for kids. Yeah, it’s a survival horror game 😐

Back to the point, how I learn English through playing games?

Let’s see the screenshots from the game :


One of the special feature in the game (in any game) you can get response from some objects or elements in the game. In the pic above, I try to open the door and then but then from the response I know it’s shut tight and won’t open at all. Of course, I have to understand the response given.


There are some cutscenes which is happens at some points or level in the game. These cutscenes are so important because it’ll lead you what to do or where to go next. Some cutscenes tell you the secret, history or plot in the game. I prefer the subtitle in the game because it is exactly right and prepared by the game creators. It’s true you can get benefit from subtitles in the movie but sometimes it’s not precise in term of timing and meaning and sometimes totally wrong! :down:


One feature that needs you to read is the ‘reading material’ in the game. This feature also exists in Resident Evil, Dino Crisis and other survival horror series. The reading materials might be novel, diary, notes, magazine, etc. The contents usually tell you what had happened, what to do next or the clue to settle the puzzle in the game. Puzzle? I’ll tell you after this 😛

Puzzle in Survival Horror Game

Most survival horror games includes puzzle which needs you to settle it to go to the next level or point in the game. For example, you need to find the key to open a locked door. You found the key in a room, but the key is attached to a wired cord with electricity? So how you want to take the key?? Simple, go to the basement floor and turn off the generator 😛 Now you can take the key and unlock the door 😛

Well, you can’t finish the game without understanding the direction, notes or whatever clue that is provided in the game. Absolutely.

How I Understand & Apply English?

This is how I understand and apply English. Well, it’s ok if you want to consider it as tips 😉

1 – Play the game with the dictionary with you. Not the one that translate into your language. Use the Thesaurus (English-English). I suggest MacMillan Dictionary. In case you don’t know a word, refer to the dictionary. If you’re playing with your PC, just minimize the game and search it thru Google or Wikipedia 😛

2 – Avoid subtitle while watching the movies. Sometimes it’ll mislead you. But in case it’s exactly right, it’s good for you 🙂 Try to understand it and make sure you recognize the difference between American and British style.

3 – If you want to write in English, I suggest you create a new blog just for English posts in case you don’t have one. Don’t mix with other language. It’s ok if you want to quote some points in other language but put the translation there.

4 – Connect yourself to the global community all around the world especially bloggers. I found this step is very helpful to me. For sure, you have to interact in English. I suggest you use BlogCatalog for this step. and make sure to make adding new friends and visiting others’ blogs as your hobby 😛

Well, I’d share how I try to understand and apply English, especially thru playing games. Now I’m not hesitate anymore to write and interact in English. I hope some of the points give a shot to your mind 🙂

I admit I still have to learn more and more and improve myself. There’s a lot of new things and knowledge out there so you have to search for it and don’t feel shy to ask if you don’t know something.

The ability to understand and apply English is an essential step for them who serious in making money online. Believe me :thumbsup: 🙂

See ya! 😛

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